March 2017 reopened in whole building, Private hot spring + inn without meals

【Official】Ryokan Surugaya

An inn with a private bath where you can enjoy two sources

Ryokan Surugaya is an inn where you can enjoy two types of Wata-no-yu Yubatake and Watanoyu.

Free and carefree meal-free style
You can also use the one-day hot springs where guests who are not staying can enjoy the bath.

Kusatsu Onsen private bath inn

  • Chartered hot springs to enjoy without meals

    Kusatsu Onsen, you can enjoy two types of Wata-no-yu springs, the rare Yubatake and Watanoyu.

    Sainokawara Park Yubatake and Sainokawara Park, so it is a good location for sightseeing.

    We offer "no meals" and "one-day hot springs" that can be used according to the style of your trip.

Notice from Ryokan Surugaya(Updated 2021.10.15)

  • About the 3rd Aigo Gunma Project

    From 10/15, the 3rd Aigo Gunma Project has started.
    This facility is a registered accommodation facility.
    For details on usage, please check our blog or the Aigo Gunma Project site.(Click the image or title to jump to our blog article)
  • About priority measures such as state of emergency and prevention of spread(10/2 latest)

    Priority measures such as state of emergency and prevention of spread were lifted in all prefectures on 9/30.

    Thank you for your continued cooperation in infectious disease control.

    For more information on the new coronavirus infection, please check the Cabinet Secretariat website.(Click the title or image to jump)
  • Local payment is convenient for reservations from our website!

    If you use online card payment by applying from your own site, it may take some time to refund the difference.
    Local payment is convenient for reservations from our website!
    You can choose from card payment, electronic money, and cash for local payment.

    *For details, please check the blog article by clicking the banner image or the title.

The 3rd Aigo Gunma Project has started

  • The 3rd Aigo Gunma Project has started

    ◆usage period◆
    From Friday, October 15, 2021 to Friday, December 31, 2021 (including trial period).schedule)

    ◆Terms of use◆
    ① Gunma citizens
    ② Vaccinated person or PCR test negative person

    Those who meet both ① and ② are eligible for a 5,000 yen discount
    ① Those who meet only Gunma citizens are eligible for a 3,000 yen discount

    = Required documents =
    1. 1. Vaccine notebook and vaccination certificate(More than 15 days have passed since the second inoculation)
    2. PCR test negative proof(Items within 3 days from the date of stay)
    3. 3. Identity verification documents for all guests(To confirm residence in the prefecture)

    Either 1 or 2 is OK.
    If you forget it, the discount will not be applied.

    For details, please check the linked Aigo Gunma website.

Priority measures such as spread prevention and state of emergency

  • About priority measures such as state of emergency and prevention of spread(As of 2021/10/01)

    As of 9/30, the priority measures such as the declaration of emergency and the prevention of spread, which were issued in various places, have been canceled in all prefectures.

    We ask for your continued cooperation in infectious disease prevention measures even after the cancellation.

    For details, please check the website of the Cabinet Secretariat.
    In addition, please check the prefecture website for the original measures of Gunma prefecture.

About GoTo Travel Campaign

  • About extension of GoTo suspension period and cancellation of emergency declaration(As of 2021.03.26)

    For the time being, the GoTo Travel Campaign will be suspended
    For details, please see "Notice from the inn" below.

    In addition, although the state of emergency has been canceled, customers living in areas where the local government has issued its own declaration are requested to respond in accordance with the guidelines of the local government.

    This facility is an accommodation facility that has agreed with the declaration of handling of infectious disease in the GoTo Travel Campaign.

    Please be careful not to forget to use the coupon when making a reservation from Jalan net.
    If you forget to use it, the GoTo Travel Campaign is not applicable.

    When making a reservation from our website, you need to register with STAY NAVI and issue a coupon.
  • Important Requests to Customers-Please cooperate with infectious disease prevention measures-

    This facility is implementing the following infectious disease countermeasures.

    1. Temperature measurement at check-in
    2. Identity verification by ID
    3. Ventilation and disinfection of common space, installation of vinyl cloth on front desk
    Four. Recommendation of "new travel etiquette"(Please read from the link below)

    In addition, we would like to ask our customers for the following cooperation.

    1. Review your travel plans if you have a fever or feel unwell
    2. Wearing masks and disinfecting fingers in shared spaces
    3. Ventilation in the guest room while in the room
    Four. Consent to contact a public health center if you develop a fever during your stay

    We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to make your stay a pleasant one.

GoTo Campaign Reservation on our website

  • Booking from the Official website is the best deal!

    ◆For those who book plan for GoTo campaign◆

    GoTo Travel Campaign discounts will not be applied once the booking on your site is complete
    After making a reservation, please move to the STAY NAVI service and apply for the GoTo campaign discount.
    After issuing the coupon, the discount will be applied by presenting the GoTo Travel Campaign discount coupon number issued by STAY NAVI at the front desk.
    Click the banner for details and check the STAY NAVI homepage.

    *If you use the coupon on Jalan net, you do not need to register for STAY NAVI.
    *Please check each blog article from the link below

Accommodation Features・Facility

  • Front desk & lobby

    It is the face of this facility that welcomes customers
  • lounge

    A light breakfast service is available here
  • Smoking Room

    There is a smoking area on the 1st floor.
    Smoking is prohibited except in this area.
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User guide

  • Accommodations

    【Check In】 From 15:00
    【Check Out】 ~ 10: 00
    *If you check in after 18:00, please contact us in advance.

    ・ Customers over junior high school students will be charged an adult fee.
    ・ This is a non-smoking area. Please use the 1st floor smoking room for smoking.
    ・ Hot springs are strongly acidic springs. Be sure to remove precious metals when bathing, as they may change color.
    ・During summer vacation and Golden Week, the surrounding restaurants are crowded.We recommend to make a reservation in advance.

    *A hot spring tax of 150 yen for adults will be charged separately.
  • Cancellation fee

    The following fees will be charged

    【Price per person (Room price is per room)】
    ・5 to 3 days before booking: 20% of room rate
    ・2 days before booking: 30% of room rate
    ・1 day before booking: 50% of room rate
    ・Cancellation on the day of accommodation reservation or when there is no contact: 100% of room rate
  • One-day hot spring

    ・ Reservations for day trip hot springs are not accepted. Please come directly.
    ・Depending on the reservation status of your stay, it may end at 13:30 at the earliest.Please check on the day.
    ・ Hot springs can only be reserved.
    ・ Hot springs are strongly acidic springs. Be sure to remove precious metals when bathing, as they may change color.
    ・The hotel parking lot is for hotel guests only.If you only have a day trip hot spring, please use a public parking lot such as a municipal parking lot.
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traffic guide

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Hotel Name

Ryokan Surugaya


507-1 Kusatsu, Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture

Telephone number



Get off at JR Agatsuma Line Naganohara Kusatsuguchi Station, 25 minutes by bus for Kusatsu Onsen, 5 minutes on foot from Kusatsu Bus Terminal
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

0279-88-2217 FAX 0279-88-8411