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User guide

We recommend online reservation.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.
Tel:0279-88-2217(Reception hours:From AM 9:00 to PM 8:00)

・ We do not accept applications by email. We recommend you to make a reservation online.
・ Accommodation is only available without meals. Meals are not available, please understand
・ There is no reservation for a day trip hot spring. Please visit us directly

~Kusatsu Onsen Appreciation Ticket is available~
・Kusatsu Town Hometown Tax Repayment "Kusatsu Onsen Appreciation Ticket" is available
・It will be treated as cash, but we can not give change, so please understand
  • Accommodations

    【Check In】 From 15:00
    【Check Out】 ~ 10: 00
    *If you check in after 18:00, please contact us in advance.

    ・ Customers over junior high school students will be charged an adult fee.
    ・ This is a non-smoking area. Please use the 1st floor smoking room for smoking.
    ・ Hot springs are strongly acidic springs. Be sure to remove precious metals when bathing, as they may change color.
    ・During summer vacation and Golden Week, the surrounding restaurants are crowded.We recommend to make a reservation in advance.

    *A hot spring tax of 150 yen for adults will be charged separately.

    Only Room/ No Meals Included Stay・1 person charge

      • Western-style Room, 201 ・ 202 ・ 203
         From 9,850 yen(Tax included)

        【Before Holidays】
         From 10,850 yen(Tax included)

        【New Year holidays, Golden Week, Obon】
         From 13,850 yen(Tax included)
      • Japanese-style room, 205
         From 9,850 yen(Tax included)

        【Before Holidays】
         From 10,850 yen(Tax included)

        【New Year holidays, Golden Week, Obon】
         From 13,850 yen(Tax included)
      • Children (Elementary school students and younger)
        *We apologize that this facility does not accept children under elementary school age (including bed-sharing).
      • Private Hot Spring
        Those staying at the hotel can use the 3 hot springs as many times as they like.
        When taking a bath, please bring a "Bathing" tag.
      • Yukata to choose
        Female customers can choose a yukata pattern
        Male customers come in three different sizes
      • Amenities
        towel/bath towel/toothbrush/Cotton set/Comb/Shaving/Bath socks

        *Day 2 for consecutive guests
        toothbrush/bath towel/Bath socks

        *Hair dryer is in the dressing room of the bath
      • Complimentary Light Breakfast
        Bread / Soup / Coffee etc.

        Available in the common room from 07:30 to 09:00
        There is a toaster and a microwave in the common room

        *Types of bread etc. may be different from the image
      • Information about consecutive stays
        【About amenities】
        See the "amenities" section above.
        amenities second day will be provided in front of the room.
        If you would like to change your yukata, please ask the staff.

        【About cleaning etc.】
        Basically, the person in charge does not enter the room.

        <Work that requires entry to the customer's request>
        Sheet replacement, cleaning, garbage disposal, etc.

        For other details, please see the linked blog article.
      • Parking lot available
        Free parking is available for guests only.
        After entering the parking lot, the parking lots 1 to 4 on the far right are the parking lots of Ryokan Surugaya
        The parking lot is available from 13:00 to 12:00 the next day.

        *It is adjacent to the affiliated inn "Oyado Yuki Momiji".
        *We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is for hotel guests only and cannot be used by day-trip hot spring guests.Please use public parking lots such as municipal parking lots.
        Time required
        About 3 minutes walk from the parking lot to the hotel
    • About luggage storage

  • Cancellation fee

    The following fees will be charged

    【Price per person (Room price is per room)】
    ・5 to 3 days before booking: 20% of room rate
    ・2 days before booking: 30% of room rate
    ・1 day before booking: 50% of room rate
    ・Cancellation on the day of accommodation reservation or when there is no contact: 100% of room rate
  • One-day hot spring

    ・ Reservations for day trip hot springs are not accepted. Please come directly.
    ・Depending on the reservation status of accommodation, maintenance, etc. such as busy season, there are days when it ends at 13:30 and holidays.Please check on the day.(Irregular holidays)
    ・ Hot springs can only be reserved.
    ・Please refrain from bathing for children who do not have diapers.
    ・ Hot springs are strongly acidic springs. Be sure to remove precious metals when bathing, as they may change color.
    ・Please pay for the one-day hot spring in cash.
    ・The hotel parking lot is for hotel guests only.If you only have a day trip hot spring, please use a public parking lot such as a municipal parking lot.
    • One-day hot spring business hours 11:30 to 16:00(Closes at 13:30 Irregular holidays)
      • Charter fee
        【1 hour / per bath】 1,000 yen (Tax included)
      • Bathing fee
        【1 person】 1,000 yen (Tax included)
      • One person
        Charter fee (1 hour) + bathing fee(For 1 person)
        Time required
        1 hour
        2,000 JPY(Tax included)
      • Two people
        Charter fee (1 hour) + bathing fee(For 2 people)
        Time required
        1 hour
        3,000 JPY(Tax included)
      • Towel / bath towel free rental
        You can come by hand.
        Please put the used bath towel in the undressing basket.
        You can take your face towel home with you.
  • gift

    We have a souvenir shop next to the entrance of Surugaya
    Please drop in when you take a walk through Sai no Kawara from Yubatake.
    We have many Kusatsu specialty products.

    ・Original goods
     We have a lot of bath towels, Kusatsu original goods, and hot spring goods used in the movie "THERMAE ROMAE

    ・“Zori / Geta” for exploring the hot spring town
     Sandals and clogs that guests can use for exploring the hot spring town are also sold at souvenir shops.