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Located in the center of a hot spring town near Yubatake and the Sai no Kawara

Google Map

Hotel Name

Ryokan Surugaya


507-1 Kusatsu, Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture

Telephone number



Get off at JR Agatsuma Line Naganohara Kusatsuguchi Station, 25 minutes by bus for Kusatsu Onsen, 5 minutes on foot from Kusatsu Bus Terminal

Access to the hotel

~When you arrive at Kusatsu Onsen~

Customers arriving by car:Please call from Kusatsu Athletic Chaya Koen Road Station or Kusatsu Onsen Ski ResortWe will give you directions to the hotel by phone.
If you are using Google Map, please search for "Oyado Yuki Momiji".
Please do not search by phone number as the phone number is the same for both Surugaya

For details, see "About private parking lots".

Customers arriving by public transport:Please contact us from the bus terminal.
We will give you directions to the hotel by phone.
  • Customers arriving by car

    ≪From Tokyo≫
    Kanetsu Expressway → Get off at Shibukawa Ikaho IC.
    Kusatsu Onsen via R17 → R353 → R145 → R292.

    Kan-etsu Expressway → Fujioka JCT → Joshinetsu Expressway → Get off at Usui-Karuizawa IC.
    Take Prefectural Road 92 → Prefectural Road 43 → R18 → R146 → R292 to Kusatsu Onsen.

    ≪From the Kansai area≫
    Meishin Expressway → Komaki JCT → Chuo Expressway → Nagano Expressway → Koshoku JCT → Joshinetsu Expressway → Get off at Ueda Sugadaira IC.
    From R144 to R292 to Kusatsu Onsen.
  • Customers arriving by public transportation such as trains and buses

    ≪From Tokyo≫
    Ueno Limited Express Kusatsu from Ueno Station → Naganoharakusatsuguchi Station → Take the JR Bus to Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal.

    Take the Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo Station → Get off at Karuizawa Station → Take the Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal to Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal.

    Take the Joshu Yumeguri from Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal Kusatsu Onsen

    ≪From the Kansai area≫
    Take the Limited Express Wide View Shinano from Nagoya Station → Get off at Nagano Station → Transfer to the Hokuriku Shinkansen → Get off at Karuizawa Station → Take the Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal to Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal.

    *Please note that there are not many buses from Karuizawa to Kusatsu Onsen
  • About private parking lot

    Parking on the street is not possible due to the narrow roads near the hotel and the passage of many tourists.
    We recommend access that does not pass through the Kusatsu Onsen Town Road Station Kusatsu) and contact us (0279–88-2217) to get route guidance by phone. I will ask you.
    In addition, since it is adjacent to the affiliated inn "Oyado Yuki Momiji", it is possible to set it there when using navigation such as Google Map.

    *Since the phone number of Yuki Momiji is the same as that of Surugaya, please search for the facility name "Oyado Yuki Momiji".

    When you enter the parking lot, the parking lots 1 to 4 on the far right are the parking lots of this facility.
    Please do not make a mistake in the parking place.

    ≪Parking available time≫
    From 14:00 to 12:00 the next day.
    Our guests who are staying can use it for free.

    The parking lot of this property is reserved for hotel guests.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you are using a day trip hot spring, please use a public parking lot such as a municipal parking lot.
  • Directions from the parking lot to “Ryokan Surugaya”

    No. 1 to No. 4 at the back right is a Ryokan Surugaya parking lot

    【Directions 1】
    Exit the parking lot and proceed 50 meters to the right while going down the narrow downhill while looking at the parking lot of “Hotel Boun

    【Directions 2】
    Go down the narrow hill while looking at "Oyado, Miyuki Annex" to the left

    【Directions 3】
    Exit the tavern

    【Directions 4】
    Continue down the stairs

    【Directions 5】
    Sai no Kawara-dori Street hitting Sai no Kawara-dori Street in the Sai no Kawara-dori Street toward Yubatake right

    Beige building “Ryokan Surugaya”